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“Whenever I think about an espresso ‘experience’ for any client, be it a college or a corporate food service location, my first thought is always Concordia Coffee Systems. From superior customer service, to a high quality beverage, to their legendary bullet-proof espresso machines, I can’t imagine working with a better company.”

Precision Engineering Meets Pure Coffee Obsession

Here in the Northwest, we’re known for a couple of things: innovative technology and an enthusiasm for coffee that borders on obsession. So when our engineers sat down to design a better automated espresso machine, they weren’t going to be satisfied until they created a machine that makes an absolutely great cup of coffee.

With the introduction of our first machine in 2004, we became the first company in the world to develop and patent a fully automatic espresso delivery system that combines milk steaming and coffee grinding and brewing. Our reputation is built on outstanding products and on our ability to stay ahead of the competition with innovative features, customization, outstanding service, and ease of use. Making it easy is hard work. Concordia Beverage Systems has been granted several patents including overall design, milk systems, and most recently our syrup infusion technology.

All of our machines are designed, developed, and assembled at our Redmond, WA headquarters using nearly 100% Made in America parts. Our Integra line has been tested and certified by NSF to ensure the highest level of quality and safety, and we’ve got one of the largest service organizations in the industry. We stand behind the reliability of our equipment, and we pride ourselves on response time and fixing it right the first time.

Try one of our machines. You’ll see our passion for coffee and innovation in their reliability and simplicity, and of course, the great taste of a Concordia-brewed beverage.