“Since we provide complimentary espresso beverages to our members, we make a lot of drinks. About a year ago we replaced our existing superautomatic espresso machine with a Concordia 2500i. In the last two years we have poured almost 216,000 beverages. The machine is reliable, productive, and our members love the taste of the beverages.”

— Alaska Airlines

“Concordia is the best company that I have ever done business with.”

— M. Yorke Smith Managing Director
Coffee Planet

“Whenever I think about an espresso ‘experience’ for any client, be it a college or a corporate food service location, my first thought is always Concordia Beverage Systems. From superior customer service, to a high quality beverage, to their legendary bullet-proof espresso machines, I can’t imagine working with a better company.”

— Cary Wheeland Regional Vice President
Bon Appétit

“At first I didn’t think I’d like a machine that did everything for you, but it’s so easy and fast and the drinks are great, I love it.”

— Susie Maes K-Mart Café
Manager responsible for profitable sales in under 30 days use.

“The Concordia machines maximize employee efficiency—no matter how busy it gets, wait times are minimal and the lines move very quickly. Push-button simplicity and the almost self-cleaning feature saves hours of labor every week, which has an enormous positive impact on our budget.”

— L. Oehmichen Senior Manager
Hospitality Services
University of Southern California