Ascent Touch


With our patented ALPS (Accelerated Low Pressure System) technology, your customers can now savor their favorite brewed coffee the way the roast masters intended: perfectly ground, brewed, and prepared one cup at a time, in under 30 seconds. And no more throwing away batches of brewed coffee – it’s fresh in the moment, all day.

Using this technology the Ascent Touch can brew up to two, three, or four distinctly different coffee roasts or varieties from the same machine. The Ascent Touch grinds fresh whole beans to the perfect recipe, and delivers it fast, wherever and whenever your customers want it.

The Ascent Touch can also offer up to 4 cup sizes and carafe sizes if desired.

The 10.1” touchscreen makes it easy for anyone to make the perfect cup of brewed coffee.

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“Concordia is the best company that I have ever done business with.”

– M. Yorke Smith
Managing Director
Coffee Planet

Ascent Touch

  • PROOF IS IN THE CUP.Up to 4 different varieties of whole beans are ground and brewed for each cup, ensuring you get the best tasting, freshest brewed coffee every time. This model also offers iced coffee.

  • NO MORE WASTE.By doing away with the need to pre-brew large volumes of coffee, the Ascent Touch eliminates waste and removes the risk of serving coffee past its prime. You won’t ever have to pre-brew large batches of coffee or throw away an old pot again, which reduces cost of goods and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Options Available.• 14” extended hoppers allows for up to 4lbs of whole bean coffee.
    • Grounds bin by-pass chute allows for the coffee grounds to pass through the machine and into a container under the counter.
    • ADA touchpad

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Ascent Touch

What Is ALPS Brewing Technology?

In developing the Ascent Touch, Concordia’s express goal was to deliver the on-demand Gold Cup brewed coffee experience in a fraction of the time of traditional brewers. The ALPS process brews at pressures much lower than traditional espresso machines. The balance of pressure, flow-characteristics and chamber geometry is critical in creating the drip coffee flavor profile in a fast, on-demand system.

In addition to its speed, the ALPS system uses no filters or other consumables that remove beneficial oils and aromatics from the customer’s cup.

The ALPS system is further optimized to provide superior extraction of drip-grind coffee and provide an optional pre-infusion step for flavor refinement.

  • The Nitty Gritty

    • Pours a 12 oz. beverage in less than 30 seconds
    • Daily cleaning and maintenance procedure takes less than 4 minutes
    • Pours 70 12 oz. cups per hour
    • Compact design with minimal footprint
    • Pours 4 beverage sizes in addition to multiple carafe sizes
    • Carafe sizes range from 24 to 96 oz.
    • Includes iced coffee settings with bold strength
    • Includes "with room" and "extra room" options • Can be supplied with two, three or four grinders/hoppers • Customizable graphics

  • Total Flavor Control With Adjustable:

    • Grind volume
    • Grind size
    • Water volume
    • Water temperature
    • Brewing contact time
    • Accommodates popular cup sizes, carafes, and carriers up to 9" in height and 7" in width

Ascent Touch


  • Dimensions

    12.5in (W) x 27.8in D X 38.2in (H)

  • Weight

    125lb net / 57kg net (dry)

  • Electric

    208 VAC, 30 Amp dedicated circuit

  • Water

    Min 25psi, Max 100psi 25 gal per/hr flow

  • Drain

    3/4in indirect drain hose

  • Extended Hopper (optional)

    14” hoppers that can hold 4lbs of coffee

More Info
  • Ascent Beverage System Front View Schematic

    Front View

  • Ascent Beverage System Side View Schematic

    Right Side View