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The Xpress Touch 6 system brings technology, speed, and café quality beverages to you and your customers in one simple to use machine. Delighting both self-serve and attended operations with the greatest variety of beverages, this system can deliver over 1,000 different drink combinations. A 12 oz beverage takes less than 25 seconds!

If you want to offer a full menu of beverages, the Xpress Touch 6 is the model for you. This model offers the basic menu (espresso, Americano or Brewed Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccinos, steamed milk and hot water) plus up to 6 flavors. Using our patented EspressJet Flavor Systems to infuse flavors directly into the beverages, you can offer delicious beverages like Vanilla Latte, Caramel Mocha, Chai Latte, etc all at the touch of the screen. This model offers hot and iced beverages, 2 types of milk, 2 types of espresso, and up to 6 flavors.

If a Basic Menu is what you want, then we have the Xpress Touch 0 which offers the standard menu without the flavor infusion system.

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“In the last 2 years we have poured almost 216,000 beverages. The machine is reliable, productive, and our members love the taste of the beverages.”

– Alaska Airlines

Xpress Touch


  • Quality in the cup The Xpress Touch system provides consistent brewing tantamount to the talent of a highly trained barista. With its rich technical functionality, you can make drinks to your exact specifications; choosing from grind, extraction, temperature, volume and flavor profile to please even the pickiest palate and to ensure brand integrity.

  • Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Equipment This system simplifies maintenance, automating cleaning to take only 10 minutes per day. In this short amount of time, you avoid the time-consuming consequences of human error and system downtime.

  • Fewer Problems. Faster Solutions. Should anything go wrong with your machine, our tech support specialists and nationwide service agents are here to make it right. With our 24/7 call center, we will answer your calls anytime of the day, every day.

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Xpress Touch

Options XT0 / XT6

  • 10" touch screen makes ordering a snap

    Easily calibrate your machine to fit your business perfectly. From custom cup sizing, to intuitive drink selections, this touch screen helps you serve up delicious beverages that are tailored to your brand and your customers. Customized graphics can be incorporated to better reflect your program.

    10 inch touch screen
  • Sweeten the deal

    With the patented EspressJet flavor system, you can serve up to 6 flavors of beverages. You can set them up at the get go or leave space for a limited time offering flavor. The infusion of the flavors into the milk, allows for consistent beverages every time…with no need to stir. The flavor quick disconnect tubes make cleaning easy and convenient.

    EspressJet flavor system
  • The built in refrigerator offers 2 types of milk. If you only want to offer 1 milk type, then add a second jug so that when the 1st one runs out, you have a backup.

    Optional milk refrigerator

Xpress Touch


  • Xpress Touch 0:


    23.8in (W) x 26.9in D x 36.5in (H)

  • Xpress Touch 6 with flavor station:


    30in (W) x 30in D x 36.5in (H)

  • Weight

    245lbs net/111kg net

  • Electric

    200-240 VAC, 30Amp dedicated circuit

  • Water

    Min 30psi, Max 100psi, 25 gal per/hr flow

  • Drain

    3/4in indirect drain hose

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  • Concordia Xpress Beverage System Front View Schematic

    Front View

  • Concordia Xpress Beverage System Side View Schematic

    Right Side View