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The Xpress system is our answer for the busiest locations serving the greatest variety of drinks. In less than 25 seconds, the Xpress can deliver more than 1,000 different drink combinations at the push of a button. Perfect for self-serve or attended operations.


XPRESS 0: Our standard model, which makes hot and iced lattes and cappuccinos, espresso, Americano, steamed milk, and hot water. Includes two bean grinders and a builtin refrigerator that holds two standard one-gallon milk containersgreat for offering your customers regular and low-fat milk options.

XPRESS 6: All the standard features plus the addition of six different flavors using the side mount flavor station to make more than 1,000 possible drink combinations.

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“In the last 2 years we have poured almost 216,000 beverages. The machine is reliable, productive, and our members love the taste of the beverages.”

– Alaska Airlines



  • The Proof Is in the Cup The Xpress brews consistently high-quality drinks like you’d get from a well-trained barista. Our patented EspressJet™ Flavor System infuses syrups directly into the milk, and everything can be programmed to your specifications—including grind, extraction, temperature, volume, and flavor profile.

  • Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Equipment The simple touchpad makes it easy for anyone to get barista-quality results the first time. With this self-service capability, training becomes a non-issue. Maintenance is simple and efficient as well, thanks to an automated cleaning process that takes only 10 minutes a day.

  • Fewer Problems. Faster Solutions. We minimize issues with a simple cleaning process that reduces human error and keeps the machine running smoothly. Should anything go wrong with your machine, our tech support line and local service agents will get you up and running within 24 hours in most cases, and many issues can be resolved right over the phone.

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Options X0 / X6

  • Up to Six Different Flavors

    Did someone say sugar-free vanilla latte? With the Xpress 6, you’re equipped with six different syrups. You’ll be able to fulfill any customer request with 1,000+ possible drink combinations.

    Up to 6 Concordia Flavors
  • Vending

    Our transaction system can accommodate both credit and debit cards with real-time authorization.

    Credit and debit cards vending options
  • Steam Wand

    For locations with an attendant, the optional steam wand adds a personalized touch and the ability to provide additional customization for customer requests.

    Optional Steam Wand

    High Volume Milk

    For the busiest locations, we offer an under-the-counter milk refrigerator that holds eight standard one-gallon milk containers, or up to 20 gallons if the milk is packaged bag-in-box.

    * For some custom options, we might have to add a few items to the inside of the refrigerator that reduce overall capacity. Contact a representative for more information.



  • Dimensions

    X0: 23.Bin (W) x 26.9in D x 36.lin (H)

    X6: 29.54in (W) x 29.6in D x 36.1in (H)

  • Weight

    245lb net / 111kg net

  • Electric

    200-240 VAC, 30Amp dedicated circuit

  • Water

    Min 30psi, Max 100psi, 25 gal per/hr flow

  • Drain

    3/4in indirect drain hose

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  • Concordia Xpress Beverage System Front View Schematic

    Front View

  • Concordia Xpress Beverage System Side View Schematic

    Right Side View