Caribou Coffee

For coffee roasters, it is not enough to roast high-quality beans and operate cafés. To stay ahead in a very competitive environment, roasters look for ways to extend their brands beyond the café and into nontraditional locations like convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants. When Caribou Coffee was looking for a way to serve its coffee in barista-free environments, it teamed up with Concordia to provide an all-in-one beverage solution.

Augmenting its roasting expertise with Concordia’s engineering excellence, Caribou was able to provide a more convenient way of delivering high-quality café beverages during consumers’ visits to the work place, grocery stores and other convenient shopping experiences.

Concordia did not simply provide machines for Caribou to take to market, though. Our team of engineers worked with the roaster to calibrate menu settings so that the unique flavor of Caribou’s roasts would stand out in each drink. Concordia’s beverage quality met Caribou’s exacting brand standards.

Caribou achieved high sales volumes at its corporate dining locations. Concordia’s machines proved to be easy for customers to use, and staff teams needed very little training to operate and maintain Concordia machines.