Caribou Coffee

For coffee roasters, it is not enough to roast high-quality beans and operate cafés. To stay ahead in a very competitive environment, roasters look for ways to extend their brands beyond the café and into nontraditional locations like convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants. When Caribou Coffee was looking for a way to serve its coffee in barista-free environments, it teamed up with Concordia to provide an all-in-one beverage solution.

Augmenting its roasting expertise with Concordia’s engineering excellence, Caribou was able to provide a more convenient way of delivering high-quality café beverages during consumers’ visits to the work place, grocery stores and other convenient shopping experiences.

Concordia did not simply provide machines for Caribou to take to market, though. Our team of engineers worked with the roaster to calibrate menu settings so that the unique flavor of Caribou’s roasts would stand out in each drink. Concordia’s beverage quality met Caribou’s exacting brand standards.

Caribou achieved high sales volumes at its corporate dining locations. Concordia’s machines proved to be easy for customers to use, and staff teams needed very little training to operate and maintain Concordia machines.

Deli de Luca

You may be surprised to learn that no country drinks more coffee per person each year than Norway. Scandinavians are discerning coffee drinkers, so when Deli de Luca, a leading chain of convenience stores in Norway, wanted to revamp its coffee offerings, they partnered with Concordia. The Xpress beverage system can now be found in Deli de Luca locations throughout Norway.

Deli de Luca had a number of specific needs to fulfill, and Concordia’s customization capabilities ensured that they would not deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. Concordia’s design team created custom touchpads that suit the Norwegian market. But the customization effort went a step further. Norwegians do not drink decaf (an admirable national characteristic), so Concordia’s engineers used the second bean hopper and grinder in the Xpress to create a special brewed coffee unique to Norway. Adjusting and recalibrating the menu to suit local tastes is not a special perk Concordia gives to its top customers, it comes standard.

Not only did Deli de Luca provide a premium coffee experience when it switched to Concordia, it also improved its bottom line. Coffee sales rose 50% after Deli de Luca installed Concordia machines in its stores. And since the Xpress is a self-serve machine, Deli de Luca did not need to hire new staff to operate and maintain these machines, ensuring those added sales would go straight to the bottom line.

United Airlines

United Airlines knows that perks for its frequent flyers are a must-have in the airline industry. That’s why United uses the Concordia Xpress to deliver premium coffee to travelers at its United Club locations throughout the country. United hoped to improve its coffee offerings in its barista-free environment, so finding a solution that is easy to use was key.

“Offering the convenience of a café quality espresso beverage menu in our clubs creates a relaxing experience for our guests in our clubs,” says Peggy Bukar, Manager of Airport Lounge Operations at United. The drink quality and expansive menu of the Xpress is consistent with the high-end food and beverage offerings for which United Clubs are known. And since the Xpress does not require keeping a full-time barista on staff, United could deliver high-quality coffee without additional labor costs.

“The simplicity of the system is easy for our guests to use with very little need for assistance,” adds Bukar. “It is also easy for our team to use with very little training needed.”

But an easy-to-use system is not enough to satisfy the demands of the savvy travelers who frequent United Clubs. The coffee has to taste amazing as well, and Concordia can deliver on taste as well as convenience. “Concordia’s beverage quality is better than you find in any top café.”