What is the difference between “self-serve” and “attended”?

In a self-service venue, the customer simply goes to the machine and makes his or her own beverage. This concept works well in cafeterias, offices, bakeries, club rooms, etc., and eliminates the need for a trained barista. The attended version has an option for steaming milk manually, as well as making beverages at the touch of a button. Attended versions work well in venues where alternate milk choices are required (soy, chai etc.) or where drinks are being prepared constantly throughout the day.

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What’s different about Concordia’s systems, compared to competitors?

All of our product offerings are truly integrated systems, not just espresso machines. We offer superior quality that’s second to none. Concordia’s espresso systems are in complete compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. All are fully integrated with solid-state electronics and refrigeration. Unlike others that may have separate add-on elements, such as refrigeration, Concordia’s espresso systems are self-contained—everything’s all in one. Concordia is also the only company in the world offering an integrated beverage solution, with flavors.

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What espresso bean roaster do you recommend to your clients?

Concordia is “roaster neutral,” which means that we can support any brand of espresso beans in our systems. We work with many of the largest roasters in support of their end users. We also work with many smaller regional roasters. 
Some regional roasters have built their business on their “specialty roasts” and they really like the fact that our systems can be adjusted to maximize the quality of espresso from their beans. The choice is ultimately up to you—we’ll make sure you get the best from your favorite bean.

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Where does the milk go?

Unlike other manufacturers that may have separate add-on elements, such as refrigeration, Concordia’s systems are fully self-contained. The refrigerator is behind the right front panel on all of our products.

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Should we go with a self-serve machine or with an attended one?

Markets most interested in self-serve espresso beverages include hospitals, colleges and universities, airline VIP clubs, hotels, event centers, airports, corporate office and company break rooms. Requests for attendant-operated systems include cafes, bars, quick-serve restaurants and other venues that want a wider range of handcrafted specialty coffee drinks.

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Who owns Concordia?

Concordia is a proud division of the The Middleby Corporation.


A global leader in foodservice equipment industry.  The company develops, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used in the commercial foodservice, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries.

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