Alaska Airlines

“Since we provide complimentary espresso beverages to our members, we make a lot of drinks. About a year ago we replaced our existing superautomatic espresso machine with a Concordia 2500i. In the last two years we have poured almost 216,000 beverages. The machine is reliable, productive, and our members love the taste of the beverages.”

Bon Appétit

“Whenever I think about an espresso ‘experience’ for any client, be it a college or a corporate food service location, my first thought is always Concordia Beverage Systems. From superior customer service, to a high quality beverage, to their legendary bullet-proof espresso machines, I can’t imagine working with a better company.”

University of Southern California

“The Concordia machines maximize employee efficiency—no matter how busy it gets, wait times are minimal and the lines move very quickly. Push-button simplicity and the almost self-cleaning feature saves hours of labor every week, which has an enormous positive impact on our budget.”

Cool Beans Café

“Concordia makes it very easy to get up and running with an espresso program in no time at all. There’s no in-depth barista training involved. It’s a piece of cake to get the best results ever – so much easier than we expected. It’s as simple as pushing a button.”

Holy Cross

“After seeing our students lined up at Starbucks, we decided to meet this need while keeping more foodservice dollars on campus. Concordia espresso machines let us serve quality beverages on par with the best coffee houses.”


“Even though we provide beverages free to our employees our Concordia machine makes us money. There is now no need for our people to leave the building to run down to the local coffee shop. The Concordia machine has really increased our productivity; in fact we just ordered another one.”