Your Customers Expect Great Service.
So Should You.

We are consistently improving every facet of our business.  Everything from the way we engineer our systems, our commitment to 100% quality testing prior to shipping, to our on-going customer service is constantly being tracked, analyzed, and improved. We also focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers. We go to these extremes because our customers want the very best and at Concordia we won’t provide anything less.

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Global customer care to keep you up and running
We provide easy-to-follow user guides, videos, and on-site training, as well as comprehensive preventative maintenance and service through our distributors throughout North America and internationally. In the event your machine needs attention, our responsive technical support line and local service agents will quickly get you back in service. Our highly skilled senior technicians can troubleshoot and resolve many issues over the phone.

Global Customer Care Service Offerings
Preventative Care Package