• What is the difference between “self-serve” and “attended”?

    In a self-service venue, the customer simply goes to the machine and makes his or her own beverage. This concept works well in cafeterias, offices, bakeries, club rooms, etc., and eliminates the need for a trained barista. The attended version has an option for steaming milk manually, as well as making beverages at the touch of a button. Attended versions work well in venues where alternate milk choices are required (soy, chai etc.) or where drinks are being prepared constantly throughout the day.

  • What’s notable about Concordia beverage systems?

    Where do we start? Consistently great taste. Stunningly simple to use and maintain. Our warranty, which is the best in the business. Our service and reliability. We encourage you to browse through the Beverage Systems, Customization, Customer Service and About Us sections of the website for all the details.

  • What’s different about Concordia’s systems, compared to competitors?

    All of our product offerings are truly integrated systems, not just espresso machines. We offer superior quality that’s second to none. Concordia’s espresso systems are in complete compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. All are fully integrated with solid-state electronics and refrigeration. Unlike others that may have separate add-on elements, such as refrigeration, Concordia’s espresso systems are self-contained—everything’s all in one. Concordia is also the only company in the world offering an integrated beverage solution, with flavors.

  • What markets does Concordia serve? Who are your customers?

    Major markets served include managed foodservices, healthcare, colleges and universities, hotels and resorts, business and industry, and casual restaurant chains.

  • What espresso bean roaster do you recommend to your clients?

    Concordia is “roaster neutral,” which means that we can support any brand of espresso beans in our systems. We work with many of the largest roasters in support of their end users. We also work with many smaller regional roasters. 
Some regional roasters have built their business on their “specialty roasts” and they really like the fact that our systems can be adjusted to maximize the quality of espresso from their beans. The choice is ultimately up to you—we’ll make sure you get the best from your favorite bean.

  • Where does the milk go?

    Unlike other manufacturers that may have separate add-on elements, such as refrigeration, Concordia’s systems are fully self-contained. The refrigerator is behind the right front panel on all of our products.

  • Should we go with a self-serve machine or with an attended one?

    Markets most interested in self-serve espresso beverages include hospitals, colleges and universities, airline VIP clubs, hotels, event centers, airports, corporate office and company break rooms. Requests for attendant-operated systems include cafes, bars, quick-serve restaurants and other venues that want a wider range of handcrafted specialty coffee drinks.

  • What is the payback period for a Concordia espresso machine?

    On a leased machine, it can break even on as few as five drinks a day. For customers who purchase, the payoff is expected to be in 6 – 7 months. For more details, one of our sales representatives can help you crunch the numbers and figure out the best solution for you. Contact a sales representative.

  • Who owns Concordia?

    Concordia is a proud division of the The Middleby Corporation.


    A global leader in foodservice equipment industry.  The company develops, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used in the commercial foodservice, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries.

  • Does Concordia offer service and repair throughout the U.S.? What about other countries?

    We offer service domestically and in many other countries through our distributors.  We dispatch technicians while you are within your warranty and can direct you to your local technician, trained personally by us, anytime after that.  We will always do everything we can to get your machine up and running!

    Learn more about our customer service.

  • What is Concordia’s warranty policy?

    All of our new machines come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty covering manufacturing defects. We offer outstanding customer care programs for after warranty coverage!

  • I am interested in distributing Concordia beverage systems. How can I get more information?

    Please contact us and we will have a representative call you.

  • How can I see or buy one of your machines?

    Visit the Beverage Systems section of our website to see photos, specifications, and product sheets on each of our products. For more information, questions, or demonstrations, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide whatever help you need.

  • How can I get pricing on the different machines?

    Contact a sales representative 1-800-995-9019 or use our contact form. We’d be happy to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

  • How do I know which model is right for me?

    The choice of system is generally dependent on 3 things:

    • How many beverages you anticipate making on a daily basis?
    • Do you plan to offer beverages “self-serve” or will the system be “attended”?
    • What types of beverages do you plan to offer?

    Our representatives can provide advice to assist you in making the right choice. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • Do I have to buy all my supplies (cups, syrups, beans etc.) from Concordia?

    All specialized cleaning solutions, parts and syrups can be ordered through Middleby Advantage.  All other supplies can be purchased from the local distributor or club outlet of your choice.

  • Are your machines NSF approved?

    All Integra models are tested and certified by NSF. Concordia participates in the annual NSF audit program.

  • How fast are your machines?

    At the touch of a button Concordia espresso systems grind fresh beans, steam fresh milk and produce a single shot of espresso or a 12 oz. latte in about 30 seconds.

  • How big are your machines?

    The actual size of machines varies between models. Generally our equipment will sit on a 2 ft x 2 ft. countertop. Product sheets with exact dimensions are available on the website in each individual product tab.

  • Is vending capability available?

    Vending is available on all our models. Vending options are coin, cash, credit card and student card. Vending can also be configured to operate in a single mode (e.g. student card only).

  • Are your machines easy to use?

    Concordia systems are the easiest machines to operate in the world. Many of our systems come with a picture-based touchpads to facilitate quick choice of beverage.

    Here’s the experience:

    • Place cup under spout.
    • Press a button to choose your favorite beverage.
    • Pick up your cup.

    Congratulations you’ve just become a barista and your beverage tastes like it came from your favorite espresso place.

  • How long does it take to clean the machine?

    Our customers tell us that it typically takes them about 10 minutes a day to clean their machine. When you press the “clean” button the machine walks you through the entire cleaning process. The good news is that there are no parts to take off the machine during the entire process. When no beverages are being produced the machine performs an auto rinse cycle to ensure that your drink always tastes fresh.

  • How long will it take to get the Espresso System after I order?

    Concordia manufactures each system to order. Our general lead time is 4 to 6 weeks from order date.

  • What part of the machine installation am I responsible for?

    Once you have ordered your equipment, our Installation Coordinator will contact you to discuss your role in the installation. Basically, you’re responsible for providing power, water and drain. A Concordia trained technician arrives on-site to unpack the machine, do all installation and testing, install the water treatment system that we ship with every machine, and then train your staff on using and cleaning the machine.

  • How do I know what my average beverage counts will be? What kind of volume do your average customers generate?

    Beverage counts vary greatly depending on our customer’s location, daily foot traffic, beverage menu, and how much the beverage program is promoted. The best way to figure this out would be to contact one of our representatives who are trained to analyze your needs and recommend a system.