Deli de Luca

You may be surprised to learn that no country drinks more coffee per person each year than Norway. Scandinavians are discerning coffee drinkers, so when Deli de Luca, a leading chain of convenience stores in Norway, wanted to revamp its coffee offerings, they partnered with Concordia. The Xpress beverage system can now be found in Deli de Luca locations throughout Norway.

Deli de Luca had a number of specific needs to fulfill, and Concordia’s customization capabilities ensured that they would not deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. Concordia’s design team created custom touchpads that suit the Norwegian market. But the customization effort went a step further. Norwegians do not drink decaf (an admirable national characteristic), so Concordia’s engineers used the second bean hopper and grinder in the Xpress to create a special brewed coffee unique to Norway. Adjusting and recalibrating the menu to suit local tastes is not a special perk Concordia gives to its top customers, it comes standard.

Not only did Deli de Luca provide a premium coffee experience when it switched to Concordia, it also improved its bottom line. Coffee sales rose 50% after Deli de Luca installed Concordia machines in its stores. And since the Xpress is a self-serve machine, Deli de Luca did not need to hire new staff to operate and maintain these machines, ensuring those added sales would go straight to the bottom line.