Concordia Launches the Ascent, the Future of Brewed Coffee

The Ascent Brews 12 Ounces of Café-Quality Coffee in Under 30 Seconds

BELLEVUE, WA, October 10 –Today Concordia Beverage Systems, Inc., a global leader in self-serve coffee systems, announced the launch of the Ascent, its latest innovation in specialty coffee solutions. The Ascent eliminates a crucial dilemma facing purveyors of gourmet brewed coffee: the tradeoff between speed and high quality taste. Using proprietary low-pressure brewing technology, the Ascent brewer system pours a cup of café-quality brewed coffee in under 30 seconds, grinding fresh beans, heating filtered water, and extracting the perfect cup.

While espresso-based coffee drinks have seen rapidly increasing popularity in the U.S. for nearly two decades, the market for commercial automated coffee equipment is still dominated by traditional brewers. These machines comprise 96.5% of the market, according to recent research conducted by Concordia. In the past, coffee vendors had to choose between speed and taste: either a machine that churns out brewed coffee quickly or one that produces the kind of slow-brewed café-quality coffee preferred by the growing population of coffee fanatics and aficionados. The Ascent fulfills vendors’ needs for speed without sacrificing flavor.

The Ascent’s unique single-serve brewing process eliminates the need to brew large batches of coffee (or throw away old batches that have gone stale), helping to reduce overall coffee costs by up to 20% in field trials. To improve taste, it does not use any filters or other consumables that remove beneficial oils and aromatics from the customer’s cup. The Ascent can brew up to two types of gourmet coffee, and pours three different drink sizes in addition to multiple carafe sizes. It can even pour iced coffee.

Concordia will be demonstrating the Ascent at the upcoming National Association of Convenience Stores Show in Atlanta, GA from October 13-15, 2013.

About Concordia Beverage Systems:

Here in the Northwest, we’re known for a couple of things: innovative technology and an enthusiasm for coffee that borders on obsession. Founded and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Concordia Beverage Systems offers a full-range of super-automatic espresso machines and fully-integrated beverage systems to meet the unique needs of your operation. We provide options for serving both moderate-volume and high-volume locations, as well as multi-tasking attendant operations, 24/7 self-serve venues, and vended espresso options. All Concordia machines are made in the USA.

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