United Airlines

United Airlines knows that perks for its frequent flyers are a must-have in the airline industry. That’s why United uses the Concordia Xpress to deliver premium coffee to travelers at its United Club locations throughout the country. United hoped to improve its coffee offerings in its barista-free environment, so finding a solution that is easy to use was key.

“Offering the convenience of a café quality espresso beverage menu in our clubs creates a relaxing experience for our guests in our clubs,” says Peggy Bukar, Manager of Airport Lounge Operations at United. The drink quality and expansive menu of the Xpress is consistent with the high-end food and beverage offerings for which United Clubs are known. And since the Xpress does not require keeping a full-time barista on staff, United could deliver high-quality coffee without additional labor costs.

“The simplicity of the system is easy for our guests to use with very little need for assistance,” adds Bukar. “It is also easy for our team to use with very little training needed.”

But an easy-to-use system is not enough to satisfy the demands of the savvy travelers who frequent United Clubs. The coffee has to taste amazing as well, and Concordia can deliver on taste as well as convenience. “Concordia’s beverage quality is better than you find in any top café.”